About Us


noricks SDN formely known as noricks established in 2020, located in the state of Sylhet in Bangladesh. Our mainly products are game reloads, games point cards and power leveling .

We provide these services at competitive price while maintaining the highest of standards.

We strike to make the most fun, thrilling and engaging entertainment experiences for our players. Almost all of the game point cards can be found here from local to worldwide.

We sell all these card with the lower price and we offer the fastest and most reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. We strike to continue our growth by delighting more and more customer. Our customer service are always ears to your problem and complaints and we will resolve your issues as fast as possible .We believe great games start with great people . At activation, we want to make great game point cards that we sell, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our customer .We achieve our success through our immensely talented development teams and the operational expertise of our management, marketing and corporate services.

We are committed in creating an enjoyable, safe and healthy environment. In so doing, we commit ourselves to contributing positively to the development of the community in which we serve and to be a good corporate citizen.We wish that you will be continue to support us and we manage to improve our service in future. Thank you for choosing noricks as your gaming platform.